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Pricing, Payments & Refunds



All pricing is in Australian Dollars (AUD) for domestic work. For international work, the pricing will be quoted in the local currency.


A 50% deposit of quote is required for work to start on your project.


Quotations Are Estimations: If your project appears to exceed the estimated value of the sent quote, you will be notified and given a re-estimated value. Common causes for a price exceeding original estimation are as follows;

  1. The client wishes to add extra features to the project that were not discussed in the original estimation

  2. Enhancements deemed vital to functionality and professional appearance were added by the developer

  3. In-depth research of client specifications was not possible because of limiting factors (e.g. original time involved to research for quote exceeded acceptable allotted quoting time, this is usually the case in banking institution policies where payment gateway setup details were not fully provided.)

  4. 3rd party software or scripting purchases were required to complete the site or project.

TIME FRAME: All quotes are valid for 3 months



  • To commence work on any new website or Virtual Tour Cicada Studio requires a 50% deposit of the quoted amount.
  • After all the work is finalised by the designer and approved by the client the remaining 50% must be paid (or proof of payment, i.e. Bank Transfer) before the site/tour goes live on the Internet or work is handed to the client. 



Domain Names

  • Please choose carefully as Cicada Studio registers and purchases domains through a reseller. Therefore, when a domain is purchased (for you the client) there is no refund on that name unless Cicada Studio has not yet had the chance to register the domain through the reseller. If Cicada Studio purchased the domain name incorrectly or wasn't what the client asked for the domain is 100% refunded.


  • Hosting is purchased annually so once hosting is paid for and set up it must run the course of the full payment term. Your site can be deactivated, but no refund is given.


Prior to work commencing:

You will be eligible for a complete refund of your 50% deposit if no work has commenced on your project from when we receive payment of your deposit, to when we receive notice in writing that you are cancelling your project and request a refund.

Once work has commenced:

Once we have commenced work on your project no refund is available on the 50% deposit paid for your project. Work may include, but is not limited to; contact between yourself and Cicada Studio, the commencement of wireframes/prototypes by Cicada Studio for your project, the commencement of design concepts by Cicada Studio for your project and other work undertaken by Cicada Studio in relation to your project.

Once the project has been delivered:

As per the payment structure agreed when commencing your project we take the final 50% payment project prior to delivery of your completed project. Once payment is taken and the project has been delivered no refund is available for the payments made to date. You will have ownership of the project we have supplied to you excluding stock images and other materials not owned by either party that we have supplied.


Cicada Studio - ABN: 91 195 673 688